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JB.Lab K7 (Korean LCD) Bluetooth Handsfree/A2DP CAR AUDIO USB MP3 RADIO

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  • South Korea South Korea
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K7 (Korean LCD) Bluetooth Handsfree/A2DP CAR AUDIO USB MP3 RADIO

CD, Bluetooth handsfree, Bluetooth streaming, FM/AM, dual AUX, USB, SD/SDHC, Auto antenna, Remote controller

Bluetooth handsfree

  • K7 is a car audio which is conpativle with almost domestic and foreign bluetooth cellular phone and has bluetooth handsfree kit.
  • So you can usually listen to music from a CD player or Radio as a general car audio.
  • And when you need to make a call you can call easily using the handsfree function of a car audio without additional controls.
  • As there is a keypad on the front panel you can input the phone number directly and check the phone number with LCD screen.

Bluetooth streaming

  • Bluetooth chipset with used in K7 is BTTM47C2SA of Samsung.
  • It supports bluetooth 2.0+EDR Class2.
  • It also supports A2DP(Advanced Audio Distribution Profile), AVRCP(Audio Video Remote Control Profile).
  • With wireless connection to handheld devices having bluetooth function.
  • You can enjoy sound of music or movie files or DMB in the handheld diveces through car speakers.
  • It can receive the sound source from a smartphone, tablet PC, MP3 player that support A2DP and can control it to play or stop.

Stylish display font

  • To the products that use display, the font is an important element because most information wich will appear on the LCD screen is expressed with test.
  • In fact, the font in car audio is poorly readable and unpolished so users often fell uncomfortable with that.
  • We applied this font to car audio products K7 at first.

Using the best LCD

  • In case of other car audio, often it is hard to fead on-screen information according to the location of installing car audio.
  • But K7 can provide you a clear display at any location as it can control the brightness and backlight.

Quick & Easy USB, SDHC

  • K7 supports various USB , SDHC memory quickly and easily.
  • And recognize USB momory type MP3 players and USB type MP3 players.

Dual AUX input

  • It has 2 external inputs; 3.5 stereo jack in front of AUX-IN (or RCA) jack in the rear.
  • You can connect with a DVD, DMB, navigator system, smartphone, tablet PC.
  • Also extendability and functionality are high as you can use the front AUX while navigation is connecting to the rear AUX.

CD optical pickup of Sanyo

  • In case of general car audio, the point of contact of the connecting cable between aub board wich reads CD and main board which contains CPU gets to be poor.
  • So we remove this faculy factor fundamentally.