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JB.Lab G5 (Korean LCD) Wireless Remote Control CAR AUDIO USB MP3 RADIO

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

G5 (Korean LCD) Wireless Remote Control CAR AUDIO USB MP3 RADIO


It has the world's first pure learning handle remote control converter. You can control G5 smoothly
for safe driving by using existing pure handle remote control with no additional devices. (some car models are unsupported) General car audios with Korean Language have less readability and
limited information display due to the use of free font. G5 shows clear display day and night by
using the completely new font to display a lot of information.

  • Supports special character for diverse expression
  • The world's first selectable information display
  • Supports front/rear real dual AUX
  • Brighter lightening and dimmer control
  • Applies military level high-performance SOC chip
  • Uses a double-sided PCB with proven stability and performance

Main functions/features

  • USB
  • SDHC
  • Auto antenna
  • Supports Korean Language
  • Front/rear separation AUX

Product specification

  • · Power Supply Requirements : DC 12 Volts, Negative Ground
  • Chassis Dimensions : 178(W)x155(D)x50(H)
  • Maximum Output Power 4 x 70 watts
  • Maximum Output Power 4-8 ohm
  • Weight 1.7 kg
  • Built-in the world's first learning pure handle remote control converter
  • Supports 10 Korean letters title (the world's top level)
  • Supports special characters (the world's top level)
  • Applies autonomously manufactured font
  • Displays watch all the time
  • Displays the title of the song all the time
  • Supports the world's first selection use
  • The world's top level file recognition - 8,000 songs
  • Front/rear independence real dual AUX
  • Supports face panel USB port
  • Supports SDHC
  • Wireless remote control is included
  • MP3 and WMA files recognition
  • Folder replay
  • Folder random play
  • Last memory
  • Stores up to 30 channels for AM/FM tuner
  • Stereo-Mono conversion
  • Local broadcast and poor reception area conversion
  • Mute
  • Track repetition
  • Song introduction
  • Built-in user friendly EQ
  • High-pitched tone and low-pitched tone reinforcement
  • Sound control in every direction
  • Electronic anti-shock mechanism
  • Background reversal
  • Graphic screen saver
  • Automatic antenna
  • Brightness control
  • RCA output